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GIGA IV – Head end ignition

Stainless steel head end igniter body from the GIGA III flight was re-furbished. For high altitude ignition the fuse head igniter was dipped in a slurry of BKNO3 viton aceton and left to dry. 3gr RIO/CuO/Mg thermite charge in heat shrink tubing as initial igniter. Booster ignition charge on top of monolithic grain consiting of

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GIGA IV – Nose cone construction

  Lessons learned: Don’t take this route again using the M10 threaded section as a basis for concentricity. If going to machine on lathe, start with concentric mold before laminating / machining. Don’t rely on staightness  M10 threaded section which can get close but slightly off straight M10 threaded section will result in a significant

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GIGA IV – Airframe construction

The GIGA III was built completely from aluminium but heavy like a tank. That is probably the reason why it was so successful recovering from non-flight-critical failures. In order to shave some weight for the from the total rocket mass of the GIGA IV it was decided to replace the aluminium tubes with fiberglass (FG)

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