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LRE 2017 – Launch

“We had a bad day”. This pretty much sums up our launch day at LRE 2017. First LD’s CHIRON 3 rocket overpressurized in a spectacular way, taking out the upper 2/3rd of the launch rail. A makeshift launch rail was made and the GIGA was launched from the remaining 2,5m lower section. The GIGA rocket suffered the

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GIGA 86mm – fin retention

The GIGA rocket has been designed as a true minimum diameter rocket with fin brackets mounted directly onto the casing. This is not a particular KISS approach but rather a result from the “sustainer ready” requirement. Alternatives considered were: Welded aluminium fincan. However due to the lack of availability of matching off-the-shelf materials (it is

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Rotary vacuum mixer design

Just modelling a rotary feedthrough for my vacuum lid using off the shelf items. Did not test whether the “reversed”  rotary shaft seal will hold the vacuum. It consists of: 10mm ground shaft with machined groove for circlip / e-clip 61900-2RS1 – Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearing. 22x10x6mm Standard rotary shaft seal 10 x 19 x

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