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LRE 2017 – Launch

“We had a bad day”. This pretty much sums up our launch day at LRE 2017. First LD’s CHIRON 3 rocket overpressurized in a spectacular way, taking out the upper 2/3rd of the launch rail. A makeshift launch rail was made and the GIGA was launched from the remaining 2,5m lower section. The GIGA rocket suffered the

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SARON Launch Day 23-09-2016

Another launch together with the Navro and DARE. Conditions were fine with a picture perfect launch. The Intimidator 5 was flown on a KNDX 2% RIO reload, together with an updated 440 Mhz – 1W Talky GPS tracker by LD and an 5.8GHz – 600mW VTx  with ImmersionRC antenna tracker ground station. Please click here to read the

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SARON Launch Day 20-05-2016

May 20th, was the first launch day of the 2016 season. Instead of all Dutch rocket organizations having their own separate launch days at the OTCVust, this time it was a combined launch campaign from the DARE, NAVRO, NERO & T-Minus with 12 rockets and 1 static motor test. We successfully flew the Intimidator 5 for the

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