GIGA 86mm – goodies

I have been busy with the electronics or avionics bay. I find it one of the hardest components to design properly so little physical progress to report. However I want to share the following picture of goodies I received over the last week.

From left to right:

  • Electronics bay update with preliminary routing of the cables. Battery and pull pin switch array on this side. RDAS Tiny on the other side.
  • Bought myself a SpaceMouse.
  • CNC milled fin brackets kindly donated by K. Particulary the radius 43mm which sits agains the motor casing is difficult to machine on a conventionall mill. The fin bracket will bolt directly onto / into the motor casing.
  • Talky GPS (GPS tracker) by LD. Apart from sending APRS packets to my transceiver it simultaniously reports back the altitude by audio voice over. For more information please visit his website:
  • Mobius Mini camera shroud by Additive Aerospace.
  • Mobius Mini.

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