Slow White unimodal pourable propellant – Charaterization tests

Characterization tests of the Slow White pourable propellant with unimodal AP 200um propellant at Kn 424-643. This is a 60mm OD / 50mm ID test motor with 2G neutral burning bates grains. As the name already implies the propellant is indeed slow burning and needs a high Kn to get the most out of the Isp in this short motor.

A modified straw igniter consisting of heat-shrink tubing with 0,5gr CuOMg thermite was used to ignite the motor according to the rule of thumb 1gr thermite / 1000Ns. The CuOMg reaction is short and the delay in ignition is to be investigated. For a similar bimodal AP test, MnO2Mg thermite is considered


“slow white” formula courtesy of RG.

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