GIGA IV – Nose cone construction

Lessons learned:

  • Don’t take this route again using the M10 threaded section as a basis for concentricity. If going to machine on lathe, start with concentric mold before laminating / machining. Don’t rely on staightness  M10 threaded section which can get close but slightly off straight M10 threaded section will result in a significant wobble in the middle when put in the lathe. Machine mold in lathe prior to lay-up. Don’t use central threaded section as this is not concentric. At half length this will show in eccentricity.
  • With gore pattern, no overlap on both sides (curls into each other). <1/2 diameter.
  • Use long GF tow to compress GF lay-up especially near tip.
  • Check usage of weefsel improves at tip over the stiff keeperweefsel.
  • Sand coat: 4ml – base / 2ml – harder / 0,5gr glass bubbles (1 teaspoon) / 0,18gr aerosil (1/2 a teaspoon).
  • Laminating – 2,5hr nett.

Kitty hair:
4/2g = 6gr epoxy. 1 flat teaspoon chopped fibers.

Sand coat: 
20/10 = 30gr epoxy. 5 teaspoons glass bubbles, 1 tea spoon aerosil. Thickness of paint. Doesn’t wet out fully but 90% OK.

12 gores:
Epoxy use: 6x 60gr epoxy batches = 360gr epoxy in total. 5x 60gr batches for 12 gores and 1x 60gr for cylindrical cloth piece.

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