SARON Launch Day 23-09-2016

Another launch together with the Navro and DARE. Conditions were fine with a picture perfect launch. The Intimidator 5 was flown on a KNDX 2% RIO reload, together with an updated 440 Mhz – 1W Talky GPS tracker by LD and an 5.8GHz – 600mW VTx  with ImmersionRC antenna tracker ground station.

Intimidator 5 – powered by an experimental 5730Ns KNDX 2% RIO candy motor equivalent to a M1880. Peak altitude of 2220m and a maximum velocity of 828km/h.

Onboard electronics included a RDAS Tiny for flight control, Mobius action camera looking down with a 3D printed camera shroud. Payload consisting of a Talky GPS tracker designed and made by LD. All safely recovered under a 72″ Iris Fruity Chute.

The launch took place on 23/09/2016 at SLD 2016-3 in the Netherlands. Launch site: OTCVust (formally known as ASK ‘t Harde). More info on the rocket or the launch campaign can be found at:


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