Construct testplatform, radio controlled powered paraglider (PPL)

In my search for more info on RC skydivers I found motorised paragliders on the internet. A PPL has the advantage over RC skydivers that it can take off by ifself and act like a parachute on the way down. No need for a RC plane to carry it to the desired height thus very flexible to use. Coincidently I discovered that one of the experts on the web, which takes these PPLs’ to the next level, lives in The Netherlands. FK of was kind enough to demonstrate his PPL and offered his specialist services for this project. Actually he was already working on a autopilot based PPL, how convenient.


  • Determine  which parachute to use for test platform and prototype
    • Paragliders will work better for the test platform because of the high glide ratio (4-6) thus longer flight times.
    • A NASA wing might be used for the prototype. Pros: chutes are simple in design and construction, thus more safe to be deployed under drogue. Cons: lower glide ratio, aroud 3. Although this could be considered a pro when dropped from 2km or higher.
  • Construct a gondola to power and steer the paraglider.
    • A sturdy gondola design can be found here.
  • Learn how to fly these powered paragliders.
    • Work in progress

What do we need for the Gondola: