NERO Launch Day 04-06-2008

This launch day was together with another Dutch amateur rocket club the NAVRO. Together with the DARE they had a lot of spectacular launches. For the NERO we planned to launch a single rocket (the H12a) after crashing the H11f. Incorporated in this rocket was the new stainless steel nozzle with the traditional 30° convergent and 15° divergent sections. This to reduce the “s-figure” our rockets are making, probably caused because of the freestanding grain. The grain followed the 30° convergent section of the nozzle and is therefore self-centred when sitting up right in the launch rail. Total impulse went up to +/- 2050 Ns with a burn time of 1,1s. Although we couldn’t completely remove the slight “s-figure” the flight generally looked straight.

 Most probably cause for the crash was a malfunctioning RDAS compact which was put back into service after already surviving a crash from 1400m. Apparently the guys knew it was sometimes functioning and sometimes not. Why we launched it anyway? Don’t ask me.