Securing kevlar shock cord

This page was written after the excellent tutorial by Robert DeHate:

  1. Cut a 2m section of 4mm tubular kevlar shock cord.
  2. Mark one or both ends with a black mark at 100 and 150mm for the end. The 100mm will indicate when your loop is OK, the second one @ 150mm marks where to insert the tubular kelar into itself. (I accidently marked the kevlar at 50mm WRONG => should be at 100mm.)
  3. Now take 5mm heat shrik and cut 2 lengths of 30mm.
  4. Put he heat shrink over the ends and use a lighter to shrink.
  5. Use a ballpen to open the weave at the 150mm mark. Take care to go the the inside and not all the way through the tubular kevlar.
  6. Feed the end into the opening and push in while opening the weave further up the cord. You can use a D-shackle or a single chain shackle to make a (removable) fixing point.
  7. Flaten the wire when you have reached your desired loop. Take care the when you flaten out the kevlar again it will make the loop slightly smaller. Now you can either leave the heat shrink in place or take it out. You can actually see and feel where the heat shrink is at the thick spot.
  8. However open the weave of tubular kevlar at the point where the heat shrink end / also the end of the kevlar which you feeded into the tubular kevlar itself. Simply pull off the heat shrink through the hole and close up again.
  9. Pull firmly to close the weave. You can add some threads through the joints for securety (minor job) but without it I haven’t had a single failure yet.