GIGA 86mm – Nose cone avionics

The nose cone avionics arrangement went through quite a few iterations as it was more or less designed around the 4000mAh battery. However it proved to be quite a challenge mounting the battery on the centerline of the rocket / nose cone and still being able to fit the other components. Although the 86mm 5:1

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GIGA 86mm – fin retention

The GIGA rocket has been designed as a true minimum diameter rocket with fin brackets mounted directly onto the casing. This is not a particular KISS approach but rather a result from the “sustainer ready” requirement. Alternatives considered were: Welded aluminium fincan. However due to the lack of availability of matching off-the-shelf materials (it is

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GIGA 86mm – Recovery packing

GIGA recovery hardware consisting of: 5m – 3/8″ tubular kevlar Kevlar burito secured to the shock cord at 1m 60″ Iris Fruity Chute incl swivel. ” order_by=”filename” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]

GIGA 86mm – Camera shroud Mobius Mini

A 3D printer camera shroud for the Mobius Mini was ordered from Additive Aerospace. However upon closer inspection I noticed the design could be optimized a bit for the GIGA rocket being: The Additive Aerospace camera shroud used four screws positioned in a square to secure the shroud to the airframe. This is particularly hard to

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GIGA 86mm – Electronics bay

Pull pin  Consisting of two-piece pin where as one part can remain in the rocket during preparations and a second part containing the “remove before flight” tag can be screwed on/off during assembly. With the Intimidator 5 we noticed that a protruding pull pin, especially in combination with parts / coupler pieces which need to slide into each other,

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GIGA 86mm – goodies

I have been busy with the electronics or avionics bay. I find it one of the hardest components to design properly so little physical progress to report. However I want to share the following picture of goodies I received over the last week. From left to right: Electronics bay update with preliminary routing of the cables.

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