KILO monolithic grain fin core – sneak preview

Sneak preview of a new to be developped motor. The core design was copied after excellent test results from AV. The plan is to step up our APCP motors in size without the need of costly matching phenolic liners and casting tubes normally required for BATES grain motors. This fin core design allows for a monolithic cast grain with a neutral burn,

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HTPB test batches

Awaiting some final ingredients I started to characterize the old-stock HTPB. I expect the HTPB I have is similar to R45HTLO so an EW of 1190 is used in the curative calculations. Small 50gr batches (measured to a hundreds of a gram) were made to evaluate the different Cure Indexes 0.9 – 1.3. The curative

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GIGA 86mm – KILO 12G CATO Final thoughts

Final thoughts on the CATO / overpressurization of the KILO 12G KNSB motor at the LRE 2017 launch: The motor had a very conservative port-to-throat area ratio of 1.5 to prevent velocity based erosive burning. This resulted in a higher than necessary,  Knaverage of 700 and thus higher Maximum Expected Operating Pressure (MEOP). Mass flux based erosive burning. Little has been described about

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