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Ball milling AP

This post is a repository. Tried ball milling AP to get a bimodal AP particle distribution for a 80% solids (barely) pourable formula. Lortone 45C ball mill 1840gr of ceramic grinding media 20mm balls 500gr of 200um spherical AP 3 hours run time. powdered sugar like consistancy 20211017 – For BKNO3. Lortone 45C ball mill

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HTPB test batches

Awaiting some final ingredients I started to characterize the old-stock HTPB. I expect the HTPB I have is similar to R45HTLO so an EW of 1190 is used in the curative calculations. Small 50gr batches (measured to a hundreds of a gram) were made to evaluate the different Cure Indexes 0.9 – 1.3. The curative

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