KILO 3G – Pourable Alumaflame static test 19-10-2018

On Friday 19h October we tested a smaller KILO 3G motor with a simulated total impulse of approximately 5.000Ns. The famous Alumaflame propellant formula was modified by removing the AP to make it pourable but maintaining the same CuO/Al percentages. This 3G motor was designed to be a full L or baby M1650 with a 3s burn suitable for launching rockets on ASK ‘t Harde to about 2-2,5km. However it proved the burn rate was considerably slower than expected resulting in a (disappointing) 6,7s. Also the signature blue “Alumaflame” flame was washed out to a pale yellow / white flame with purple edges likely a result of the HTPB rich propellant. The datalogger, which required some TLC / maintenance, performed as expected and recorded the chamber pressure at 200Hz.



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