Sneak preview: 2-stage Intimidator 5 to 4

UPDATE: Currently on-hold / cancelled.

Some initial sketches. I’m trying to use the existing workhorse Intimidator 5 as a booster by replacing the nose cone with an inter stage coupler. Re-using the I5 makes it a bit more difficult getting the whole rocket stable. It requires two new 98mm motors of which I recently stumbled upon some suitable phenolic casting tubes.

Initial sims indicate apogee at +/- 6,5km with a 98mm, 8G KNSB – 9500Ns motor in the sustainer and a 98mm, 6G KNDX – 7300Ns motor in the booster. It’s a bit contradicting putting the bigger motor in the sustainer but otherwise I was unable to get it stable.

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  1. Rick Maschek

    I would think you should get higher than that. Using a 7,000 Ns booster and a 2500 Ns sustainer, we reached ~9km using KNSB.

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