DashWare for rockets

Dashwhat??? DashWare is a piece of software that lets you add telemetry as on screen display over your videos and as from February 23rd DashWare is free to download.

I have been following DashWare for some time but was never interested in paying USD 60,- for software which I didn’t know whether it would support my intentions. Now it’s free so I decided to spend some time and try it out.

Although a bit rough around the edges it actually works quite OK  even though it has a bit of a learning curve and some quirks especially when no using standard data loggers and their corresponding “Data Profile”. In the end I was able to extract my RDAS data into .txt file to a .csv file from which I was able to create a custom “Data Profile”. Exporting with the dots and the commas gave me a real head ache. European settings i.e. 1,655 seconds really scrambles the .csv format. Although, by far, I haven’t unlocked the full potential of DashWare and the movie clip is far from perfect with bad synchronization especially near the landing, I was able to create an onboard video with some simple telemetry data displayed.

I think if you spend some time on it your can get some really great telemetry overlayed on your video with the possibilty of custom gauges, logo’s etc. Next step is to convert the BigRedBee .kml file into a .csv and try to make better use of the DashWare calculators for even more data.

2 comments on “DashWare for rockets”

  1. Rick Maschek

    Interesting. Is it possible to leave out the profile graph and simply have the time and altitude reading?

  2. JVDB

    Hi Rick,

    The Dashware software and gauges are highly customizable. However designing what you want / need may take a bit of time. I’ve seen people even copying the SpaceX style gauges with Dashware. The graphs and values in this video are from the “Gauge Toolbox” and I didn’t spent too much time on it as I had to make a custom data file from the output of my RDAS as well. However the TalkyGPS tracker outputs .NMEA files which can be directly read by the Dashware software saving a ton of work.

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