Slow white pourable propellant mixing with all 200um AP

Mixing of a small 700gr batch of “slow white” APCP pourable propellant for characterization tests. Actually this bimodal formula calls for ¼ part op 90µm AP but I have found this difficult to obtain. Hence the all 200µm AP. The AP I have contains 25% by weight of particles 0-150µm so I hope this comes close to the original formula calling for a 3:1 course to fine ratio. I might try some day to get some 90µm AP by ball milling the 200µm stuff.

The propellant was casting into two, 2 grain casting tubes each being placed onto a vibrating table while casting.



 “slow white” formula courtesy of RG.

2 comments on “Slow white pourable propellant mixing with all 200um AP”

  1. Chris Mcspadde

    What is your composition? I am in the process of developing and testing a more pourable propellant and I am interested, your propellant looks perfect.

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