KILO monolithic moonburner – static test 1

On 20.09.2018 we tested 3 motors of which the monolithic moonburner was my own and a monolithic finned core / star grain was a joint venture with LD. The moonburner burn was succesful and the thrust curve spot on according to Bursim simulations. At the end of the burn there seems some off-center thrust. Upon post firing inspection it was noticed that the liner, even at its thickest point with 3 overlapping PML phenolic tube parts, did suffer a burn through although the casing seems to look untouched at the inside. Furthermore the 2mm thick HTPB inhibitor coating at the top of the grain resembled charred paper. Because of the liner burn through and off-center thrust I doubt this will make it as flight motor.

Specs / data:
  • Initial Kn: 295
  • Max Kn: 435
  • Action / burn time: 15.1 seconds
  • Fmax: 1880 N
  • Favg: 700 N
  • Isp: 209.1 s
  • Total impulse: 10.940 Ns
  • Destination: N700 – 3%

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