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GIGA 86mm – KILO 12G CATO Final thoughts

Final thoughts on the CATO / overpressurization of the KILO 12G KNSB motor at the LRE 2017 launch: The motor had a very conservative port-to-throat area ratio of 1.5 to prevent velocity based erosive burning. This resulted in a higher than necessary,  Knaverage of 700 and thus higher Maximum Expected Operating Pressure (MEOP). Mass flux based erosive burning. Little has been described about

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GIGA rocket – Introduction

After having loads of fun with the Wildman – Intimidator 5 it is time for a new experimental rocket. A minimum diameter rocket for some serious altitude. Based on the very succesful KILO 6G motor with a higher total impulse, more grains and updated with a light weight 86x3mm motor casing. Rocket will be made “sustainer-ready” similar like de DECA

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